How Do I Troubleshoot Two-factor Authentication Issues?

Unable to Find Verification Code Email

  • Check your spam folder
  • Check to ensure your corporate email server is accepting emails from Bento
    • If you believe your server is configured correctly, click Resend Code to receive another email with a new code
    • Otherwise, reach out to our Customer Support team at

Invalid Verification Code

  • Each verification code is only valid for 60 minutes. Click Resend Code to receive another email with a new code
  • You may also choose to login again and a new code will be emailed to you
  • If multiple codes have been requested, only use the code from the most recent email, assuming it has not already expired 

Mobile App Users

  • Before entering your verification code in the app, please make sure your mobile app is updated to the latest version from the app store

If the Activity Wasn't You

Step 1: Help secure your account right away
  1. On the notification, review the sign-in details, including device type, time, and location
  2. If this activity doesn't look familiar, immediately contact our Customer Support team at 855-547-2896 or email us at
Step 2: Change your password as soon as you can
  1. Reset your password by clicking the Update Password button under the My Information section

What is Two-factor Authentication?

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