Approval Request

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While account owners, full access admins, and department leads have the ability to set card controls for Users, users can request changes to their controls. 

This feature gives employees a way to submit a card control requests in a few steps and admins a process to change and track all the card control changes.

  • Raise/submit approval requests
  • Add notes/details to each request
  • Account owners and full access admins can approve/reject requests


How to submit a request

Mobile App

  • Navigate to the three dots card menu and access the Manage Card page.
  • The Request Card Changes option will allow you to select any card changes from limit on the card to categories. 
  • After selecting the changes, you’ll be prompted with a reason box. You can use this option to provide any details necessary for the admins in your business to understand your request.
  • Once the card changes form is submitted, the administrators and department leads within your business will receive a notification.
  • You can see the request at any point from the same menu option or the approval request icon on the upper bar. If you want to cancel a pending request you access a pending request and click on ‘Cancel request’
  • You will receive a notification on the decision for your request as soon as somebody took an action on it. 
  • You can submit one request at a time for each card that is assigned to you.

Web Application

  • Select Cards Tab
  • Select the card you would like to submit the request on Spend Limit/Fixed Value
  • Navigate to the drop down box and select request Card Changes
  • You will receive a pop up screen where you can select the changes you would like to have made to the card.
  • Select next this will bring up a pop up box where you will provide the reason for the request
  • This will be sent to the Business Owner/Admin to decision
  • You can see the request in your mailbox and it's status
  • You will receive a notification on the decision for your request
  • You can cancel the request if needed - There is only in active request allowed per card

How to review a Request (Account Owner/Administrator and department leads)

  • Admin/Account Owner/Department Leads will receive notifications for open approval requests via e-mail
  • After logging into the application. you can view the pending approval requests from:
    • The icon on the upper right hand corner located next to the available Balance
    • The “Users” box Approval requests - indicating the number of open approval requests
  • On the approval request dedicated page, you can view, approve, deny and search requests.
  • For quick action, Approve or Deny from the main page. Denying a request will allow you to add a message.
  • Editing a request will take you to another page in which you can view the difference between the current settings and new requested changes
  • You can set what you would like displayed on the Approval Requests screen you would need to select filters and you can choose pending, approved, denied, cancelled or any combination of these.
  • The approval request page will show you who actioned the request and outcome of the request.

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