How Do I Submit or Upload a Receipt?

​Receipt Capture​
1. From the mobile app, tap the yellow receipt capture button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen

2. After a receipt is captured and uploaded, Bento will automatically match the receipt to the corresponding transaction

​Email Forwarding​
Cardholders with a Bento login can forward an email receipt to and Bento will automatically match the email receipt to the right transaction.

- The cardholder must forward the receipt from the email address associated with their Bento user login
- The email receipt must include the relevant receipt detail such as the price of the purchase

​Direct Upload​
From the web app:
1. Navigate to the Transactions tab > Click Receipt Icon for corresponding transaction
2. Enter the Transaction Details > Upload the receipt > Upload Receipt button

From the mobile app:
1. Click View all Transactions > Capture Receipt for corresponding transaction
2. Take a picture of the receipt using the camera or select an existing image from your photo library
3. Tap Done

In order for the receipt to match with the appropriate transaction, the uploaded receipt must be legible and include the relevant receipt detail, such as the price of the purchase.

AutoMatch Receipts

Managing Unmatched Receipts

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