QuickBooks Online Accounting Software Set Up and Troubleshooting

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QuickBooks Online Direct Integration Guide
Watch the video walkthrough here.

Export and Set Up
1. Navigate to the Transactions tab > Click on the Accounting tab > Accounting Export > Connect QuickBooks Online

2. Answer basic 2 questions about structure

3. Review field values for Account, Class, and Location that have been pulled in automatically

4. You will have the choice to edit any fields that you would like to show or not show in Bento

5. Finish the wizard

Access Your QuickBooks Online Integration
1. Click on Accounting Export > Filter transactions as needed

2. Utilize the bulk tag option to add Account, Location, and/or Class

3. Tagged fields will then sync back to your QB system, manually or automatically based on your preferences

Note: If you would like to map a different Bento field to one of the fields imported from QuickBooks online, you may edit or delete any of these fields using the tabs on the Accounting Export QuickBooks page.
Creating Quickbooks Settings
Two accounts must be selected in order for the integration to function as expected. One must be a checking/bank account, and the other must be an expense account. If the customer does not designate particular accounts for these two requirements, our system will create a "Bento Checking" and a "Bento Uncategorized Expense" account by default.
Troubleshooting Red Sync Button
If your Sync button is currently red, this could be because a change was manually made to your QuickBooks Online chart of accounts. Here's how to troubleshoot it:

If you altered the title or delete the Bento Uncategorized Expense
1. Log in to your QuickBooks account > From the dashboard menu, click Accounting

2. In the search bar, type in the name of the newly altered Uncategorized Expense

3. Please make sure that you include any inactive/deleted accounts by clicking on the
Gear icon and checking the Include Inactive box

4. After locating the newly altered or deleted Bento Uncategorized Expense account, please edit it so that the title exactly reads: Bento Uncategorized Expense

5. To edit the name of the account, click View Register > Edit

6. Editing the title should solve any red button syncing issues related to this topic. Our system will check if the chart of account issue is fixed within 24 hours and change the button from red to green.

If You Changed Your Bento Uncategorized Expense Account Type to a Liability or Credit Card
Bento Uncategorized Expense is a prepaid expense therefore it would not be a liability or a credit card.

If You Deleted 'Bento Checking'
1. Click the
Gear icon > Include Inactive

2. This should populate search results for any inactive accounts which will be marked as (deleted) in the title

3. Click
Edit > Uncheck the inactive box > Save

If you deleted your Bento Checking because you wanted to use your own Checking account, please let us know and we can set that up for you.
Troubleshooting Transactions Not Syncing
Make sure the status in the application tab Transactions says "Quickbooks Online: Connected" and that your Intuit subscription status has any of these values: TRIALOPTIN, SUBSCRIBED, or PAID. Transactions don't sync if it's another status.

We only sync settled transactions so pending transactions would not appear. We do not sync Loads to Quickbooks. Our system doesn't sync transactions that have already been pushed to Quickbooks by us.
Troubleshooting Unknown Server Error
If you've encountered an Unknown Server Error when syncing transactions or setting up your Bento and QuickBooks Online integration, it may be due to an out-of-date or incompatible browser.

Please ensure that you are using a compatible browser such as the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer will not work with the Bento website.

We also recommend clearing your browser cache and cookies when you experience issues logging into the Bento website. 

Bento recommends automatic (daily) QuickBooks Online syncing only if you are not opting into our new coding options. This will push your settled transactions to QuickBooks Online on a daily basis. For users taking advantage of our advanced mapping, we recommend manual syncing to allow for tag maintenance and updates.

You must have the correct credentials and level of permissions within QuickBooks Online before attempting to set up the integration or sync transactions. Also, please ensure that your Bento account as listed within your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts is not designated as a Liability.

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