How Do I Use Transaction Filters?

Bento's filters are designed to give you flexibility and a streamlined view of your business transactions. Here's how to use them:

  • Search - The search bar at the top left of the Transactions page allows you to search for specific transactions. Any match to your search query (merchant name, tag, card user, etc.) will display as a result.
  • Date - Select the calendar icon at the top of the screen to set a custom start and end date for transaction results within that date range.
  • Transaction Status
    • Settled - Transactions that are complete and the amounts of those transactions are final
    • Pending - Transactions that have been authorized, but the amount of the transaction may change once it is settled (e.g. restaurant bills where the tip is later added)
    • Declined - Transactions that were unsuccessful purchase attempts, so no money movement occurred. This allows you to monitor where your employees are trying to spend money
    • Loads - Completed deposits to fund your Bento account balance
  • Amount - Search for transactions within a set range or transactions equal to a specific amount.
  • Cards - Choose a card or search by card name.
  • Tags - Search tagged transactions by selecting a tag or first searching for a specific tag. Note: You must have already tagged transactions to be able to filter by tag.
  • Category - Filtering by category allows you to locate transactions made in a certain spend category.
  • Departments - You can filter transactions based on activity that occurred on cards assigned to a specific Department.
  • Receipts - Choose to view transactions that have a receipt attached or not.
  • Payments - Bento Payments are also displayed on the Transactions page, and this filter allows you to search all payments issued, including those that are settled, pending, or canceled.

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