How Do I Read My Monthly Statement?

  1. This is your Statement Period (each statement covers the entire month)
  2. This is your opening account ledger Balance at the beginning of the month
  3. This is your account ledger Balance at the beginning of the following day
  4. Notice the Transaction Date may be from the previous month. These transactions are included in this statement because they were settled on the 1st of the statement month and therefore impacts the ledger balance
  5. We show you transactions for every single day of the month regardless of activity/inactivity
  1. Any deposits or refunds will appear as a credit (+) in your statement
  1. This is your closing balance at the end of the month
  2. On the last page of your statement, you will see a summary of your ledger balance, which reflects the total debit and credit amounts for that statement period

Where Can I Find My Monthly Statements?

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