How Much Does Bento Cost?

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Bento is free to use for the first 60 days* starting from the day your application is approved. We’ll notify you when the end of your 60-day free trial is approaching.

After your 60-day free trial, you will be charged a monthly subscription to use Bento. 

We have four plans to suit your business needs:

  • Starter
  • Team
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Each new card you add to the account will count toward your monthly subscription plan. 

Bento will notify you via email before we charge you each month, and send a confirmation email after we successfully charge you.


Most customers only need to pay a monthly subscription while using Bento. Here’s a list of fees we don’t charge you for:

  • No setup fees
  • No card load fees
  • No domestic withdrawal or debit fees
  • No interest charges (this is not a credit card)
  • No card issuance fees
  • No domestic or international transaction fees
  • No decline or overdraft fees
  • No cancellation fees (Note: Refund Check Fee of $15.00 per check applies when a balance remains in the account at the time of cancellation)

* Other Fees: Free trial and monthly plan pricing do not cover fees based on certain account activities. For more information on fees, please refer to the Schedule of Fees

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How Do I Sign Up for Bento?

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